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Leading in an Agile Environment is Completely Different

Our Leader and Manager Courses take you well beyond the Agile fundamentals into a realm that will vastly change how you lead and build high performing teams and increase employee engagement.



2 x Day Virtual or On Site Instructor Led

This course is for managers and executives that have taken a Fundamentals course and/or are working with Agile Teams.  The primary focus of this workshop is on the manager as a leader and the skills required to overcome common challenges and guide Agile organizations toward continuous improvement. Class time will be equally divided between discussion and hands-on exercises.


2 x Day Virtual or On Site Instructor Led

Servant leadership is the continuous endeavor to empower and serve the people you lead! Servant leaders challenge their organizations to go farther, reach higher, and Improve faster while having fun and taking care of the organization’s most vital resource - people. The idea of addressing the bottom line first by always taking care of people requires leadership skills that are well beyond the traditional “command and control” style of management. Throughout this course, you will learn and practice the most critical skills needed to become a servant and true asset to those you lead!


Custom Virtual or On Site Instructor Led

Designed to help guide an Executive/Leadership team in understanding what Agile is and developing the organization’s Agile transformation roadmap through an intensive training, visioning, collaboration and planning.  We work with your leadership team to help you identify your current strengths, gaps, and opportunities to develop a strong business/technology transformation strategy with clear objectives and measures for success. The result is an executable roadmap that combines People (Culture), Process and Technology to start you on your Agile journey. 

This workshop is custom made for your organization.  After participants complete a short 20-minute Pre-Executive Workshop survey, your Expert Agile Transformation Coach will discuss approaches with the change sponsor and other key players to create a workshop specifically designed for your executive team.