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For Those Just Getting Started

Wondering what this Lean-Agile thing is? Get the basics of Scrum, Lean, and/or Kanban



1 x Day Live Virtual or On Site Instructor Led

Not sure what Agile is and are unfamiliar with its various sub-frameworks of Scrum, Lean, Kanban, and eXtreme Programming to name a few, then this class may be for you.  This extremely fast paced course is intended to provide an overview of Agile and a comparison of its various sub-frameworks.  It is great for establishing a common language and creating a starting point for conversations of how to get started within the organization


1 x Day Live Virtual or On Site Instructor Led

This highly informative and fast paced course is intended to provide an overview of Scrum, establishing a common language and starting point for Scrum teams and individuals within an organization.  The course is taught using Scrum, starting with a product backlog of learning events and divided into four 2 x hour sprints, instructor and students will collaborate to generate the best possible outcome, learning by doing.  At the end of each sprint the class will track and evaluate progress, adjusting the plan to accommodate the realities of the classroom environment (student understanding, focus areas/concerns, and time remaining).  Within 24 hours of the class completion students will be given a recommended reading list to address concerns raised within the class.


1 or 2 x Day Live Virtual or On Site Instructor Led

This course is for both business and IT executives that are either taking over agile teams or beginning the transition to using an agile framework for project delivery. The primary focus of the training is on the role that executives and management fill in agile project delivery as well as Agile Transformation Roadmap considerations.  This training also provides an overview of the origins of agile and highlights the major agile practices.


2 or 3 x Day Live Virtual or On Site Instructor Led

This training course teaches students that delivering software functionality using Kanban is radically different from traditional waterfall project management. Rather than plan, instruct and direct, Kanban utilizes a Lean “pull” implementation to guide the work through the process. Using Kanban enhances organization agility, improves visibility of work flowing through the process and provides greater transparency for impediments that inhibit throughput. Participants learn how to implement Kanban and all of the controls and reporting necessary to monitor the flow of work. 
Optional 3d day is available where our instructor will work with your organization to design a roadmap for implementing Kanban using existing processes.  This session culminates with a Kanban board that can be used immediately for making work visible.


2 x Day Live Virtual or On Site Instructor Led

This highly interactive course begins with an overview of agile, Scrum, and Lean principles.  Teams will then learn the Product Owner role, how to apply the 5 levels of agile planning, and how to manage agile requirements, the product backlog, and delivering features.  Participants will learn how to create a product roadmap and to guide their teams through release planning.  In addition, participants will learn the basics of agile estimating and how to manage product development within large enterprises and multiple teams.  An optional Product Owner certification is offered at the end of the class.


2 x Day Live Virtual or On Site Instructor Led

This highly informative course is intended to solidify the core principles of Agile, Scrum and Lean for individuals and teams.  It teaches that Agile project delivery is radically different from traditional waterfall methodologies requiring understanding, acceptance, and support for successful transformation.  The course explores best practices as it exposes common missteps, increases the awareness of associated symptoms, and provides guidance to avoid the pitfalls commonly encountered during Agile transformations. 
This course can be modified to include a certification test and certificate if certification is necessary or desired for the organization or industry.  This course is equivalent to other Scrum Master Certification Courses.


3 x Day Live Virtual or On Site Instructor Led

This highly informative and rapid-paced three-day course goes way beyond traditional two-day Scrum Master classes that just scratch the surface of how to do Scrum.  This course guides individuals to start crafting the mindset and gain knowledge of the tools and techniques necessary to lead teams and the organization along their Agile Transformation.  This highly interactive course is designed to allow students to explore and discuss various concepts and how it applies to their organization’s transformation. 
Participants learn the Scrum fundamentals while receiving tips on how to be a Scrum Master and organizational change agent; exploring good practices and common missteps of agile transformations.  Students will gain the skills necessary to start leading teams, a good first step in their Agile journey.