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Agile Destinations was founded in 2014 on the core belief that leaders and organizations strive to continuously improve their processes, wow their customers, and streamline production and operations in an ever increasingly demanding world.  However, most are unsure of how or where to start, how to measure and quantify improvement, or create lasting change for the future with minimal impact on today’s business.  Headquartered in Destin, Florida, Agile Destinations specializes in designing custom training, coaching, and consulting engagements to help leaders and their organizations adopt a culture of continuous improvement, transparency, and employee engagement that achieves synergistic effects on the entire organization.
Agile Destinations specializes in Lean-Agile transformations that increase employee engagement, promotes innovation, and streamlines production by reducing hard to find waste, resulting in superior quality products and services for our clients’ customers.   Some of our core capabilities include:
- On-site and virtual Agile training, coaching, consulting, and mentoring
- Agile readiness and maturity assessments
- Agile Transformation Roadmap development
- Agile PMO transformations
- Business and technical process management analysis and process improvement



Who We Are


Founder, Principal Consultant, and Chief Edutainer

Robert Smith's focus as a leader is simple.

Get the job done. Mission First – People Always!!!!

Rob is a Senior Agile Leader and Trainer with over two decades of experience and a solid delivery track record. He served in the military for 22 years, leading teams of 7 to 700.  After retiring from the military in 2014 he has assisted fortune 500+ firms and startups in adopting Lean-Agile frameworks and/or transforming to a more lean-continuous improvement mindset. He has guided organizations and individuals from a variety of industries to include Insurance, Financial, and HR throughout the world at different points in their journey and has helped them to discover what is possible with a strong Agile foundation in place.  He continues to get rave reviews and is often sought out for not only his experience, but his ability to impart knowledge in an easy and enjoyable manner.